Synergy Partners International helps to arrange strategic corporate partnerships between Japan companies and US medical technology companies.  Selected examples of these transactions include:

Amira Medical                      Alternate site blood glucose diagnostics

Avantec Vascular                 Cardiovascular catheters and drug eluting stents

Biowave                                    Noninvasive electrical stimulation system for pain therapy

Bovie Medical                         Electrosurgical equipment and disposables

Cardiovasc                              Interventional stents and stent grafts, coatings

Gravitas, Inc.                         Intelligent enteral nutrition system

IntelliWire, Inc.                     Cardiovascular PTCA catheters, guidewires

IVT Inc.                                           ‘Cutting Balloon’ PTCA catheter, thrombectomy devices

Ischemia Technologies        Diagnostic clinical and bedside tests for cardiac ischemia

LiftLabs                                      Tremor reducing technology for consumer devices

LightLab Imaging                 Optical Coherence Tomography imaging catheters

Medivance                               Noninvasive patient temperature management system

Metasensors                           Novel gas analysis sensors for healthcare applications

Natus Medical, Inc.              Noninvasive diagnostic screening tests for newborns

Pharmasonics                        Ultrasound therapy catheters for restenosis, drug delivery

Physcient                                   Novel powered blunt dissection technology

Recor Medical                        Ultrasound based renal denervation

Resect Medical                      Electrosurgical tools for rapid open surgical liver resection

Respiratory Motion             Diagnostics for respiratory monitoring

Respirix                                    Noninvasive CHF patient monitoring

RITA Medical                          RF needle devices for solid tumor ablations

Solinas Medical                      Novel grafts for hemodialysis access

Spiracur                                      Portable negative pressure wound therapy devices 

SurgRx                                         Novel tissue sealing RF surgical devices

TissueLink                                  Saline electrode technology for electrosurgical tools

toSense                                        Noninvasive vital signs technology

Tribogenics                                Novel X Ray generation technology

UltraCision                                Ultrasonic instruments for laparoscopic surgery

VidaMed                                     Transurethral ablation for BPH treatment

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